My Fictional Family

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to create my ideal family by picking fictional characters from some of my favourite books. The family members I’m going to include are: mum, dad, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband and best friend.

Mum: Mrs Lancaster, TFIOS

I have chosen Hazel’s mum, because she is just such a nice person and takes such good care of Hazel. I can imagine her giving really good hugs too. She is definitely the sort of person I would love to have as my guardian angel.

Dad: Luke Garroway, TMI

Luke is the best Dad ever, there was honestly no contest. He could beat someone up for you but he’s still so sweet and whenever I read about him I just go ‘aww’. He would be a very protective and devoted father.

Sister: Alice Cullen, Twilight Saga

Alice is such a cutie. She was so supportive of Bella; she did loads for her. I was tempted to have her as my best friend but she’d make such a fun sister and I’d love to live with her. She is a very bubbly and radiant person.


Brother: Lee Flynn, The Kissing Booth

There were so many people I could’ve chosen for my brother. My problem with other people was that they were too good looking and that would just be awkward because I’d want to kiss them. Lee is sort of nice looking but mainly he’s just hilarious! In the book he was very protective of Elle as well.

Daughter: Jean Louise Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird

I was trying to think of what children are in my favourite books, and I thought of To Kill a Mockingbird. Scout is really thoughtful and a well brought up girl, exactly the sort of daughter I would want to have.

Son: Jamie Stryder, The Host

To be honest, I couldn’t think of anyone else I could have apart from two people! Jamie seems like a nice person, as well as brave so it’s all good. Melanie obviously loved him a lot for a reason, so I could definitely love him as a son.


Husband: Simon Lewis, TMI

I actually love Simon so much- can he just come alive now please? Robert Sheehan (who plays Simon in the movie) is good enough for now though. I almost didn’t put Simon anywhere on this list but then I thought of him and I was literally like ‘OMG SIMON!!!’ He was going to be my best friend but he’s really cute and I thought I just have to marry him!

Best friend: Lucy Lovering, Mates, dates

Lucy is such a sweet heart, plus we have lots in common. Out of the four girls in mates, dates she was the only one I really liked and I’d love to do things with her that she did with the other girls in the books.

I’d love to know who you would have in your book family! Since I wrote this post (a year ago) I have thought of so many other people I would love to have in my book family. Perhaps I’ll do an updated version soon! Bye!

Love, Sydney


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