Welcome to the first poetry post! Sometimes I might write a poem or share a poem with you or talk about a poem/poetry book. I think that more people should be appreciating and talking about poems as well as novels. Today I shall be sharing with you a poem I wrote, inspired by I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson. Here’s “Picasso?”:

Finally we are blind.

We’re drenched in light

All over our body

Floods of colour erupt until

Everything human fades

Now we’re just colour.




So long we’ve been waiting

To touch each other

For the first time

We can be them

And it’s atom-splitting, unexpected

For us to be able to claim

What has and always will be ours

As me and you became me.

God, It’s happening.

I multiply every living heartbeat

By a thousand to make my own

Hearts burst out of my chest

Scattering confetti upon confetti

On my hair my hands entwine

Together my teeth collide

But it doesn’t matter when

All the stars and planets collide

Alongside me.

I know absolutely everything

About me because I am me

Took every class on the subject

Of me. Me is the most important

Thing that could ever exist

Now that you is gone

But I like me better

Every time I hold, feel, touch

More, more, more, more

Than this.

“We’re them” I think

As I catch my

Breath, my life

Which is now complete

Because I have me

“Who?” in my blood

Pouring out buckets of light

Bursting into flames like

Icarus flying too close to the sun

But I am the sun.

The sun has never shined brighter.

Drowning in colour

Now I am the colour

Because I am everything now

Even black shows how bright

Yellow truly is

The painting painting

I do, I think I love him

When the asteroid

Comes crashing into us.

I don’t care

I want him to be quiet because

All I want is me

So I take a step

Step into him

Him steps into me

Has never been so glad

To have me back

Where me belongs

Saying my name.

I say my name again

And again

The fire ignites

Blazing so so strongly

Two lit candles mel

Ting into one

Entire utterly beautiful mess

Of secrets that I won’t keep

If me cracks and

The rain comes down.

I hope you enjoyed my first poetry post! Bye!

Love, Sydney


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