Diet Tips

Wow! It feels like I haven’t been on here in ages! (sorry)

‘I’m right here when you gonna realiseee’ I’m currently at home just ‘jamming’, I hate that word oh well.

So I am on day 6 of my diet! Well it should actually be day 12 but I took a break. Now I’ve had a few days to get into my diet, I’m going to go give you some useful tips to help you if you’re on a diet, or thinking of going on a diet. My tips are more specific to the NHS weight loss plan so they may be irrelevant to you.

Tip #1


Now it may seem obvious that if you’re on a diet you have to plan, but I can not stress enough how important this is to me. I found myself taking a break after 3 days because I hadn’t had time to plan what I was going to have. It’s also really important, because I came home from eating sweets at the cinema the other day, and found that I had no calories left for dinner. You also need to plan because then you can make sure you’re getting your 5 a day in. I’ve also found that planning stops me thinking about food because I already know what I’m going to eat.

Tip #2


This is sort of like tip 1, but it’s specific to eating out. So I’ve found planning hard if I know I’m going round a friends house or out to the cinema. It could be that you just ask what you’re going to have then roughly work out how many calories that will be, or ask if you’re going to get popcorn whatever. If there is more food than you expected, you can just not eat as much perhaps. Or what I did was to save up lots of calories in advance so then I knew I just had a lot to use up. If you’re offered an ice cream/sweet, you can just simply say no.

Tip #3


Everyone always tells you to walk instead of take the car or whatever, but walking is basically the key to this diet, and my saviour. So it doesn’t actually tell you how much exercise you have to do, but I think it’s recommended to do 150+ minutes. On the example diet sheet for week 1 the person just walked every day and I think that’s really good because then you don’t have to pay to go to a fitness class and it’s not that much effort. It’s really good for me because I have 90 mins every day anyway!

I have to get loads of stuff ready for Halloween now, so I’ll stop there, but I might give more tips in the future!


Love, Sydney


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