My worst reads

Hello! This is my latest post from my friend’s book blog:

What’s good?

I actually have a little plan document for what I’m doing for all my Tuesday posts up until February. Apparently I’m doing ‘Biggest book fails’ today. This will probably be quite difficult for me as I love most books and I generally pick books I know I’ll enjoy. Anyway I’ll see what I can think of…

I just wanted to say I hate ellipses and I don’t know why I just put one (naughty me)!

Little women- Louisa May Alcott: Probably loads of people will completely disagree with me on this book being a failure. It’s not so much that it’s a failure I just didn’t like it. I downloaded it on my kindle about 1 and a half years ago and I’m still only 40% of the way through. Normally I read modern, easy going books so perhaps I disliked it because of the old language/style. Also it’s always on lists of best 100 books of all time or something so it should be amazing, but unfortunately I didn’t get that wow factor.

Eclipse- Stephenie Meyer: I feel so bad that I’m putting this on my biggest fails list. The twilight books are my favourite books after Soul mates and I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with them. Yes- got a little twilight quote in there!! Anyway, so I think they’re amazing it’s just this book didn’t have much substance and I was- not bored, but just not engaged as much. At the end of New Moon Victoria’s death could have been worked in there, so could Bella and Edward’s engagement. It really didn’t need that filler book- it would’ve been the perfect trilogy. I’m just saying I’ve only watched Eclipse about 5 times but I’ve watched the others except for New Moon like 20 times.

Adele the biography- Chas Newkey-Burden: This book isn’t fictional or a popular book but this is one of, if not the most, boring book I’ve ever read. One time I needed some books for holiday and I just got a bunch of biographies/autobiographies from The Works. This book was one of them and I don’t even know why I read it. Not being funny but apart from getting a record deal (like I know that’s amazing but) she hasn’t done much, well she has but her life’s not that interesting to read. I also didn’t like how someone else had written it, not her, so it wasn’t personal and relatable much. I was going to add One Direction: A one way street on here as well but I think one biography is enough.

Code name Verity- Elizabeth Wein: I really dislike this book. The ending was quite good but only like the last 30 pages and I probably just thought the ending was good because I’d almost finished this terrible book. Let’s face it- I mainly like YA romance or supernatural sort of things like Twilight, so I wasn’t going to marry this book or anything. It was just depressing, not in an ‘Omg this book was so it good it made me cry way.’ I didn’t even get what was going on most of the time, maybe because I kept falling asleep but you know.

The Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins: Please don’t hate on me, I know loads of people are obsessed with it but it’s just not my cup of tea. I really don’t see the appeal of it. The second book was actually quite good, I liked the movie and I’m glad Finnick was in it. I can’t remember if I liked Mocking Jay- it was probably alright. The first book though is just so exhaustingly boring, which I know isn’t a thing but it’s hard to put into words. I also don’t like the love triangle that’s going on. Gale is just annoying and spoiler alert I think he killed Prim (can’t really remember but I don’t like him anyway). Peeta is cute but Katniss is ‘ugh’. It’s a shame that Peeta didn’t devote all his love to a nice person.

I think 5 books is enough for now so I shall stop there. It’s quite nice actually to write out some negative things about books because generally I’m positive(ish) about books I’ve read. I reckon I might do another one in March or another rant or something. Arrivederci!

Love, Sydney


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