Divergent meets Vine


So as I said before, I write for another blog and I want to put some of my posts from there on here because I’m quite proud of them. I don’t know how frequently I’ll put the book posts up here or if I’ll put them in order. On my friend’s blog one day I do a book updates/review post then the other I do a random thing so they’ll be a mixture of those. I hope you enjoy this post!

Hell-ohhh (Marcus Butler style)

Today I’m going to tell you which factions my favourite youtubers/viners should go in. Factions are different groups of people from one of my favourite books, Divergent. Factions are a way of defining people by their most dominant characteristic. There are five factions that people can choose to go into at the choosing ceremony, these are:

Erudite: The intelligent

Candor: The honest

Amity: The peaceful

Abnegation: The selfless

Dauntless: The brave

The five youtubers/viners I’m going to put into factions are: Jack Gilinsky, Cameron Dallas, Matt Espinosa, Carter Reynolds and Jack Johnson. Some of them might not fit their faction that well, but I want to try and get a person for each faction.

Erudite- Erudite is a faction for really clever people, so I guess I should pick the smartest person. I’m not sure if any of them are super clever (I know Jack G’s not) but I can imagine Jack Johnson in a white lab coat. Also Jack did that nerd vine so he’s already halfway to being in Erudite.

Candor- I want to say Cam, because he tells his fans the truth, but I think he is a very selfless person, so I’ll choose Carter. Carter is one of the funniest, most genuine people I have ever come across. I actually laugh so much at him, as he’s not afraid to say what he thinks.

Amity- Aww this has to go to Matt!! Matt is just so cute and hilarious, he hasn’t got a bad bone in his body. I’ve never seen him get angry on twitter or on any other social media account, like some of the boys do, but Matt is so lovely to his fans.

Abnegation- Ok so I’ve already said that Cam should definitely be in this faction. Whenever I scroll down my twitter feed, there’s always tweets from Cam saying ‘I love you too gorgeous’ or ‘stay strong beautiful’. He’s just so caring and dedicated towards his fans.

Dauntless- As soon as the idea of putting people into factions came into my head, I knew I’d put Gilinsky in Dauntless. I can just imagine Jack jumping off buildings, fighting, throwing knives etc. Also, he’s 6ft so he would be a really intimidating Dauntless leader or something!

I hope that wasn’t too boring and I’m sorry I didn’t do Nash, Hayes, Aaron and that. Let me know what factions you think they should go in and any other people you like!

Yea so that was  my first book post… let me know if  it was alright, my posts definitely got better after this one!

Love, Sydney


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