September Favs


I have been so busy recently, so sorry for not posting! So today as I have been thinking about all of my favourite things I thought I could talk about my September favourites! I just thought I’m going to do different categories and have 3 things in each.


Amnesia- 5sos (I’m obsessed with them especially Ash)

Tides- Jack and Jack

Make you feel my love- Adele (Idk why but I’ve had it on repeat a lot recently)


Romeo and Juliet (The 2012/3 whatever it is version- I’ve been waiting to watch it for ages and I’ve finally got it)

The Riot Club (I haven’t watched it yet but my favourite actors are in it)

Love, Rosie (I am literally screaming I can’t wait to watch this)


How to be a woman (I’m reading it for English and it’s surprisingly good)

Don’t even think about it

Where rainbows end (The book of Love, Rosie)


Jack Gilinsky

Sam Claflin

Ashton Irwin

Other things:

My 5sos don’t stop poster

This new grey top I have from Bonds

Dark brown hair (I’ve just dyed my hair so)

I know my posts have been really short but I’m going to start prioritising this blog and make them better- also I might start posting book related posts from another blog but I wrote them anyway so don’t worry- I’m not copying.

Love, Sydney


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