The Bucket List


I recently came across a similar list that inspired me to make my own bucket list. Before I saw the list I had no real aspirations except maybe about five things to do. At the moment I have maybe ten ideas I  want to list so I have no idea what will end up on this list. It would be really cool for people to comment things that are on their bucket list and maybe I could add them to mine. Statements in bold are things I have completed.

  1. Visit Melbourne
  2. Achieve a degree
  3. Study in Sydney
  4. Live in NSW
  5. Hug a koala bear
  6. Walk through Dorrigo National Park
  7. Have 2 children
  8. Get married
  9. Spend nye at Sydney Harbour
  10. Go to a Buddhist Temple
  11. Ride in a hot air balloon
  12. Go to Lapland
  13. See the northern lights
  14. Go on the London Eye
  15. Visit Rio de Janeiro
  16. Find a shell on Copacabana beach
  17. Go to Jack Gilinisky’s hometown (Omaha, Nebraska)
  18. Stroll down a sidewalk in LA like in I love you, man (Idk if that’s in LA)
  19. See all the places in Forks that are in Twilight
  20. Go to Dallas
  21. Stop in Las Vegas (as part of a road trip) and go to M and M world
  22. Build a snowman in Canada
  23. Go to a Jack and Jack concert
  24. Meet Jack and Jack
  25. Say Aloha in Hawaii
  26. Visit Malaysia
  27. Do Amsterdam TFIOS style
  28. Safari in Africa
  29. See the pyramids
  30. Make a cheese and onion pasty
  31. Eat a pasty in Cornwall
  32. Speak Spanish in Spain
  33. Kiss the Blarney Stone
  34. Eat a pizza in Italy
  35. Visit The Coliseum
  36. Ride on a Gondola
  37. Go to the Eiffel Tower
  38. Eat a Greek salad in Greece
  39. Take my Dad to see Pompeii
  40. Go to Orlando
  41. Chill in the Blue Lagoon
  42. Write a book
  43. Go to Chichenitza
  44. Watch the sun set somewhere romantic
  45. Experience El dia de los muertos
  46. Go to a major baseball game
  47. Attend a movie premier
  48. Visit Every country in the UK
  49. Go on a snow walk
  50. Go to Disneyland

And that’s all I can think of for now, but I’ll probably regularly keep adding to it as I think of more stuff! Hopefully I’ll write another post soon!

Love, Sydney


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