Sydney Actually- The Life Story


Well if you hadn’t already realised, this is my first post on this blog. I’m not really sure what I’m doing, but I do some writing for a friend’s blog and I thought you know what I’m going to start my own blog. Just quickly- I do realise that most of what I’m saying isn’t grammatically correct and probably doesn’t even make sense. I’m writing this blog for me and that’s how I like to write!

Sorry to disappoint anyone that thinks this blog is going to be about Sydney in Australia- because it’s not. The blog name comes from my name (Sydney) and one of my favourite movies (Love Actually). This blog will probably contain a lot about books and any random thoughts I have!

This blog is sort of going to be like a scrapbook of my life for me- so if I say anything offensive sorry I don’t mean it to be it’s just like a diary thing I guess. Oh and I’m a girl from England and I’ll probably use text speak because it’s just easier really. I’ll try and post as often as possible!

Anyway sorry for the boring first post- it had to be done. I’ll try to post something a bit more exciting soon!

Love, Sydney


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